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When conditions worsen, our most important work begins. In times of extreme weather, Southern Company Gas employees have always been on the front lines making sure our customers continue to receive the natural gas they need to keep them warm. Our focus remains on delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to our customers. We head out, so others can head in.

On January 30, 2019

Polar vortex sends temperatures to -51F

Nicor Gas delivered on its promise of providing safe, reliable gas to its customers.

Employees prepare to brave the chill to keep customers safe, warm

As a potent blast of cold air continues to descend from the Arctic into much of the country, our teams at Nicor Gas, Virginia Natural Gas, Atlanta Gas Light and Chattanooga Gas continue to work around-the-clock to keep customers safe and warm.

In Northern Illinois, temperatures have remained below freezing with sub-zero windchills for days. In preparation for these extreme conditions, the dedicated workers at Nicor Gas, a subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, have been maintaining gas service that is critical to the safety and comfort of customers.

“The warmth of clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas is more than just a comfort, it is life sustaining in many cases. So as this cold air moves in, our crews will safely head out into the harsh elements to begin working around-the-clock to keep the gas flowing to our customers.”

John Hudson III, president and CEO of Nicor Gas

4.8 billion cubic feet to 2.2 million customers

This isn’t new territory for Nicor Gas. During the polar vortex of 2019, which saw wind chill temperatures reach minus 51 degrees in the suburbs of Naperville, Illinois, Nicor Gas delivered more than 4.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas to its 2.2 million customers. That is the single largest delivery of natural gas in the company’s history — surpassing previous records set during the 2014 polar vortex.

“I am so unbelievably proud of our employees who brave these harsh conditions to ensure our customers are safe and warm. They are prepared well in advance, proactively deploying staffing and resources to critical locations ahead of the storm. They are committed to and passionate about the essential roles they serve for families and businesses in our communities.”

- Kim Greene, president and CEO of Southern Company Gas

Always Prepared

With significant extreme weather experience under its belt, Nicor Gas knows how to be prepared.

The safety of its crews during the cold is always a top priority, so measures are taken to ensure they are not alone, especially during night shifts. Crew teams watch out for each other, keeping vehicles running and warm, checking in on each other and keeping the lines of communication open with dispatch. Crews are also equipped with industry-leading safety training, tools and resources needed to effectively respond to the most severe cold weather situations.

“Our people always come through”

- German Guataquira, Systems Operations Director

Another consideration is affordable natural gas supply. Nicor Gas’ underground storage units help provide safe and reliable natural gas service to 2.2 million customers in northern Illinois. This storage allows the company to buy gas for customers when prices are lowest and store it for later use, ensuring a reliable supply and passing the savings to customers. Nicor Gas customers can have peace of mind knowing that their energy provider is always prepared to keep their homes warm, their businesses running and their families safe.

Our safety net

Our natural gas storage systems are a critical safety net to protect against price fluctuations in supply and demand for gas. We’re able to buy gas for customers when prices are lowest and, store it for later use and pass on those savings directly to our customers.

December – March, about 40% of our natural gas is delivered from storage

Serving 880,000 customers during this time season

Much like the brave firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement officers serving across the nation, Nicor Gas’ frontline heroes are dispatched at any time of the day or night, despite the weather, to ensure continued delivery of clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. When emergency situations occur, they work around‐the‐clock to monitor the infrastructure to ensure safe performance and reliability of natural gas – just like they do every day.

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