News: Environment

February 11, 2021

Breaking barriers: How we’re working to overcome obstacles to deliver zero-carbon hydrogen to our customers

Southern Company takes foundational leadership role in hydrogen R&D effort to achieve net-zero goals

November 18, 2020

Southern Company Gas and coalition members beat methane emissions goal by 67%

November 10, 2020

Chattanooga Gas, Nicor Gas and Virginia Natural Gas together have 1 million paperless billing customers, resulting in positive impacts to the environment and customer satisfaction

October 13, 2020

GNG’s Greener Life a Case Study for Bundling Carbon Offsets and Natural Gas Products

September 25, 2020

Three Questions with Joanne Mello, Director of Sustainability and Energy Policy, on Southern Company Gas’ Commitment to Sustainability

June 16, 2020

Southern Company Gas grows leadership team to focus on climate action, innovation and renewable natural gas strategy

April 22, 2020

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

October 24, 2019

Virginia Natural Gas raises the bar on lowering emissions, signs deal for next generation natural gas

October 23, 2019

Georgia Natural Gas helps customers achieve their clean energy goals with new Greener Life program

July 29, 2019

See how our 20-year commitment is paying off for the environment

April 17, 2019

Natural Gas – Good for the Grid. Good for the Griddle.