Cutlass Grille

Throughout Black History Month and Women's History Month, Southern Company Gas selected businesses that our employees feel are making a difference. As part of our Fueling Equity initiative, we partnered with our subsidiaries and field leaders to surprise each business with a grant to help fuel their dreams and thank them for the inspiring work they do.

Chef Shawn Dawkins has nurtured a love of cooking since he was a kid. Raised on Caribbean cuisine, he spent years dreaming of leaving his corporate job for culinary school. Time and time again, promotions got in the way. When an unexpected layoff arrived as a blessing in disguise, he finally made his dreams a reality.

Chef Shawn and his wife Rachel Dawkins opened their restaurant, Cutlass Grille, and worked tirelessly to bring some of the island spirit and flavor to their own backyard. Serving up elevated versions of classic Jamaican dishes, their motto is “come in happy, leave happier.”

The love they share for each other and for their customers is clear in everything they do. The Dawkins family have credited their success to the support they received from their community, and we couldn't help but join in the encouragement.

Through our Fueling Equity initiative, we presented Chef Shawn and Rachel with a check for $10,000! Virginia Natural Gas strives to uplift the small business owners in our community by creating a more equitable future, and we could not have picked more deserving recipients than the Dawkins family and the Cutlass Grille.