Interview with LaMont Bynum

As part of our Fueling Equity initiative, we surprised each business with a grant to help fuel their business and thank them for the inspiring work they do.

LaMont Bynum was always passionate about home design and decor, but it was one specific instance that led him to start his own business in 2012. LaMont was shopping for furniture and asked if the company would make a donation to the non-profit he worked with that served that Black community. The furniture store declined and said "we do not service that community." LaMont took this refusal as an opportunity to create an inclusive space where all communities have access to fine furnishing, great home decor, and a team of designers and stylists waiting to cater to you. Rite at Home was born.

As LaMont puts it, "your home is where life happens," and it's that kind of commitment design and inclusion that has the community walking through the doors of Rite at Home and greeted with a "welcome home." This business owner doesn't just make interiors look fabulous, he performs "a'room'atherapy," taking houses and turning them into homes that are "conducive to dreams, visions, [and] life."

LaMont's commitment to quality housing and design are evident not only with Rite at Home but as a board member for Rebuilding Together Atlanta, an organization working to ensure that low-income homeowners—particularly seniors, veterans, folks living with disabilities, and families with children—have access to housing that is safe, warm, and independent. He also chairs the Board of Directors for the Adamsville Business and Community Partnership.

We honored LaMont and his work with Rite at Home with a $10,000 grant through our Fueling Businesses to Fuel Equity initiative. We strive to listen, learn, and lead within our communities to drive equity, inclusion and diversity. As LaMont says, "happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present." They say home is where the heart is, and LaMont truly embodies that with the amount of heart that fuels his passion for community and design. Rite at Home is where the heart is.