From 1998 to 2018, we successfully reduced our annual methane emissions by 50% while growing our distribution system by 20%. The methane reductions are the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of removing 700,000 cars from our highways for a year.

As companies and people become more environmentally conscious, Southern Company Gas and organizations like us are tasked with building a future fueled by clean energy.

It’s a mission we’ve already started. In the past two decades, we mitigated more than 3.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere. These reductions are the result of aggressive investment, like pipeline replacement, to improve the safety and performance of our natural gas system.

We’ve also been a leader on methane reduction projects by serving as a trusted consumer education source for energy efficiency and participating in federal emissions reduction programs. This includes being a founding member of Our Nation’s Energy Future (ONE Future), where industries voluntarily set goals for methane emission reductions.


Lowering Emissions for Two Decades and Counting.

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ONE Future

Working together to reduce emissions

“We know that being a leader in the natural gas industry means making significant investments of our time, energy and resources to support and improve our communities and the environment. While we are proud of this industry-leading milestone, we’re committed to continuing efforts to reduce emissions further through innovative technologies and processes.”

– Kim Greene, President and CEO of Southern Company Gas

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