Reliable energy

Southern Company Gas is making strides toward a sustainable future. We have come a long way in improving the sustainability of our system and influencing others to make clean changes, as well.

“Much of the natural gas we find and use today began as microscopic plants and animals living in shallow marine environments millions of years ago.”

Our natural gas storage systems are a critical safety net to protect against fluctuations in supply and demand for gas. These spikes often occur with little to no warning, so storage ensures future reliability. About 20 percent of all natural gas consumed during the winter is supplied by underground storage. Underground storage of natural gas is an integral component of the nation’s energy system, and our nation’s significant storage capacity enables utilities to offer clean natural gas to consumers throughout the year with reliable service and prices.

Ongoing work

There is further untapped opportunity within each of these areas, which we plan to evaluate and pursue in the coming years.

We invest in the future

We’re making meaningful investments in modernizing and improving our gas infrastructure to ensure every customer’s energy needs are met safely and reliably now and well into the future.

Natural gas is critical

Natural gas promotes an efficient and effective energy mix and ensures the reliability of other electricity resources.

Benefits of natural gas

Some of the benefits of natural gas include high-efficiency heating, indoor and outdoor cooking, and an endless supply of hot water.