Fueling Ingenuity

Leading the natural gas industry towards a sustainable future by relentlessly asking smarter questions. Fueling Ingenuity, that’s how we’re going to do it.

What does the future of energy look like? There’s no question that it needs to be more sustainable. How are we going to get there? That’s a better question. And we’re solving it by exploring smarter ways to deliver cleaner, safer, more reliable natural gas.

Because ingenuity is always in motion, we don’t stop when we get an answer. We’re continuously asking questions that inspire action, generate progress, push innovation, and get things done.

How will we power the future? Can we do it more sustainably? What if we reduce emissions to even lower than 1% for our entire industry? These are the questions we’re working every day to solve. Because we are dedicated to researching and developing the concepts and ideas that will help push us forward. Ideas like renewable natural gas, artificial intelligence infrastructure, and finding new ways to capture CO2. Because we’re not just delivering cleaner, safer, more reliable natural gas, we’re fueling ingenuity for the future.

How We Deliver Ingenuity

Low-to-No Carbon Future

As part of Southern Company, we’re committed to more than quality service, we’re committed to a low-to-no carbon future by 2050. How? By challenging ourselves to push thinking forward. We’re leveraging our most important asset, our people, in order to expand our energy portfolio even further into the renewable natural gas sector. Because natural gas is not a bridge fuel, it is the foundational fuel source in a renewable energy future.

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewables are a key part of the world’s energy future. But, what are they? Renewable natural gas (RNG) is any pipeline compatible gaseous fuel derived from biogenic or other renewable sources that has lower lifecycle carbon-dioxide equivalent emissions than geological natural gas. The majority of RNGs produced today come from capturing emissions from existing waste streams found in landfills, wastewater treatment plants and animal manure. This gas must be treated and cleaned, raising it to a standard where it can be added into existing gas pipelines. Hydrogen can also be captured, stored and used, or combined with a source of carbon to produce renewable methane: RNG.

At Southern Company Gas, we’re utilizing these methods and asking the questions that will lead us into a low-to-no carbon future with the help of our RNG energy portfolio.

Better, smarter questions are driving our industry toward a sustainable future and Southern Company Gas is fueling ingenuity to light the way forward.

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