Atlanta Gas Light to Test Adsorbed Natural Gas Technology for Light-Duty Trucks

ATLANTASouthern Company Gas subsidiary Atlanta Gas Light today announced it will test adsorbed natural gas bi-fuel vehicles with the new integrated fuel storage technology developed by Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc. (ANGP). Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology uses activated carbon to reduce the storage pressure of natural gas without sacrificing the volume of natural gas stored through a process called adsorption. Using this type of fuel provides a cleaner and lower cost fuel option than gasoline or diesel for large, light-duty vehicles, such as SUVs, half-ton pickup trucks, and service vans.

“The transportation sector accounts for the largest portion of total U.S. Greenhouse Gas emissions and 80% of smog forming pollutants come from mobile sources” said Ian Skelton, director of natural gas vehicles at
Southern Company Gas. “Natural gas is playing an important role in reducing emissions, and adsorbed natural gas can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of fueling natural gas vehicles. We are pleased to help demonstrate this new technology in our AGL fleet operations.”

“Reducing the compression requirement for natural gas vehicles by 75% is a game changer that enables low cost public and private fueling of ANG equipped natural gas vehicles,” said Bob Bonelli, President of ANGP.
“Having Atlanta Gas Light as a project partner will provide invaluable insight and support as we work to demonstrate the value of ANG to light-duty vehicle fleets and commercialize this exciting new technology.”

Adsorbed natural gas vehicles could be fueled at public-access compressed natural gas stations, as well as conveniently from home or work through a refueling compressor. They operate at significantly lower storage pressure than standard compressed natural gas vehicles, refilling at 900 psi instead of 3600 psi. This reduces energy consumption by over 50 percent and decreases fueling time by over 60 percent. Additionally, these vehicles can travel long distances on adsorbed natural gas before seamlessly switching to gasoline.

Natural gas vehicles are some of the cleanest vehicles available today; they reduce emissions of pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides by up to 90% and emit 15 – 20% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles. When refueling with renewable natural gas, GHG emissions can be reduced by up to 125 percent.
Atlanta Gas Light is purchasing vehicles for its fleet with the new absorbed natural gas storage system and will test their performance compared to standard natural gas vehicles and conventional gasoline vehicles
over the demonstration period.

Results from the test will inform the company’s decision to purchase additional adsorbed natural gas vehicles and help to validate this technology for use by others.