Daniel Mayer’s work and military skills prove invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic

Daniel Mayer’s work expertise at Southern Company Gas recently proved invaluable in his role as Chief Warrant Officer for the Georgia State Defense Force.

Mayer, who is a distribution integrity analyst, works with the all-volunteer branch of the Georgia Department of Defense to track deployed GSDF troops and missions during emergencies.

COVID-19 has impacted business operations everywhere, including the GSDF. Once the pandemic hit, Mayer helped make the organization’s Main Operations Center 100% virtual to reduce the risk of infection.

“I used about 10 days of military leave (from Southern Company Gas,) to radically transform our labor- and paper-heavy procedures to efficiently work online,” he said. “Now, reports that previously took hours each day to compile are generated automatically. We also now have much better accountability of where each soldier is deployed.”

“The technical knowledge and leadership experience I’ve gained are directly applicable to my work at Southern Company Gas,” Mayer added.

Southern Company Gas recognizes, observes and honors the men and women are serving or who have served our nation.

With chapters in Georgia and Illinois, VetNet is a Southern Company Gas employee resource group, whose mission is to be a community of veteran and military supporters who champion the support of active, reserve, and former military members and their families and the creation of an environment where employees can establish and grow their careers, share their experiences, and become leaders among the team.