Kazadi Enterprises receives 2022 Nicor Gas Multicultural Innovator Award

Evergreen Climate Innovations, Nicor Gas partner to support entrepreneurs who are making a positive environmental impact in Illinois

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – Aug. 18, 2022 – Kazadi Enterprises is the recipient of the 2022 Nicor Gas Multicultural Innovator Award. This is the second annual award presented by Nicor Gas and Evergreen Climate Innovations, formerly Clean Energy Trust, to support clean energy technology startups with a minority founder or CEO.

“Kazadi Enterprises is at the intersection of innovation and diversity, and we are proud to work with Evergreen Climate Innovations to support this Illinois startup,” said Wendell Dallas, president and CEO of Nicor Gas. “This is another way we are fueling innovation and investing in our communities and businesses while reducing our environmental footprint and helping our customers do the same.”

Kazadi is the second recipient of the Nicor Gas Multicultural Innovator Award and will receive a $25,000 equity and inclusion grant to support further development of its patented technology that converts ambient heat to energy. In addition to the grant, Kazadi leadership will receive 12 months of business mentorship and heightened exposure to investors and customers.

“Evergreen Climate Innovations is proud to continue its work with Nicor Gas and Illinois entrepreneurs to bring environmental innovations to a scalable reality,” said Erik Birkerts, CEO of Evergreen Climate Innovations. “Kazadi Enteprises is tackling a sector whose negative environmental impacts often go unrecognized by offering a decarbonized alternative to traditional refrigeration and cooling systems.”

It is estimated that commercial refrigeration systems produce the same amount of CO2 emissions as 100 million cars and leak, on average, 25% of their hazardous refrigerants into the atmosphere every year. Kazadi’s patented technology leverages thermal energy in air, converting environmental heat into work and plugging into the natural hydrologic cycle, reducing the cost and carbon footprint of refrigeration.

“We are excited to work with Nicor Gas and Evergreen Climate Innovations as we continue to refine our technology that harnesses a free and nearly universal energy sources – environmental thermal energy,” said Sanza Kazadi, CEO and founder of Kazadi Enterprises. “By harnessing the energy in the air and replacing conventional refrigerants with just plain water, we can help customers reduce their refrigeration energy usage by 80% while also reducing negative environmental attributes often associated with traditional refrigerants.”

To learn more about Kazadi Enterprises, visit www.kazadienterprises.com.