Natural Gas – Good for the Grid. Good for the Griddle.

Now is a better time than ever to incorporate natural gas into your home. The natural gas industry is prepared to meet future consumer needs for the next hundred years while natural gas is expected to remain a bountiful domestic energy resource. New technologies are advancing to offer clean options and enhanced safety. A new study from a foundation associated with the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America concludes that natural gas will be critical to meeting national climate goals and will be in high demand well beyond the period of transition to an “all-renewable” energy future.

Southern Company Gas’ investments in natural gas infrastructure helps support continued economic development in Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee and Virginia communities.

Good for the Grid. Natural gas continues to provide an affordable price, emissions reductions and an efficient and effective energy mix that ensures the reliability of other electricity sources and enables other sources of renewable energy. “Natural gas has become a larger portion of the generation mix for electric utilities in recent years,” said John Hudson, Chief External and Public Affairs Officer. “Southern Company Gas remains committed to delivering the clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas our customers depend on, as well as meeting the growing demand for use in the power sector and beyond. Natural gas is an essential source of energy within a greener U.S. energy mix.”

Southern Company Gas serves more than 4.2 million customers through our regulated businesses in four states. Because there are pockets of our territory that are not yet served by natural gas, we are continually evaluating better ways to extend our pipeline network to meet the demand for homes, businesses, industry and electric generation.

Good for the Griddle. While it’s true that both home and professional

chefs prefer gas cooking
, the kitchen is just one room in which natural gas provides
convenience and comfort. Natural gas homes provide immediate and long-term
benefits that ultimately add to home value.

  • Homeowners prefer natural gas homes. A recent builder survey shows that home-buyers prefer natural gas nearly three to one, and 74 percent would recommend natural gas to family and friends. On average, natural gas homes sell faster and have a 6% higher resale value than non-gas homes.
  • Natural gas homes are greener. Nearly three-quarters of home-buyers say energy-efficient features would strongly influence their decision to purchase a new home, and 74 percent of buyers are willing to pay an additional $5,000 for a home with energy-efficient features.
  • Natural gas improves energy efficiency. Natural gas can play a crucial role in lowering a home’s HERS Index Score, which can help it qualify as an ENERGY STAR® Certified Home.
  • Natural gas appliances deliver. High efficiency heating, on-demand hot water, gourmet-quality precision cooking and faster clothes drying are a few examples of how natural gas appliances deliver a higher standard of comfort for homeowners. Natural gas generators seamlessly keep the air conditioning running and the lights on during a storm.