ONE Future Coalition

Natural gas and the infrastructure that transports it is key to America’s clean energy future.

And we’re doing all that we can to reduce our emissions through our operational standards, safety, and innovation in support of Southern Company’s goal of reaching net zero from enterprise-wide operations by 2050.

But reducing our industry’s methane intensity is a challenge bigger than Southern Company Gas.

  • That’s why in 2014, we co-founded Our Nation’s ONE Future Coalition. ONE Future is a group of over 55 natural gas companies working together to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain to 1% (or less) by 2025 and is comprised of some of the largest natural gas production, gathering & boosting, processing, transmission & storage and distribution companies in the U.S. and represents more than 20% of the U.S. natural gas value chain.
  • This week, ONE Future members are meeting in the Woodlands, Texas at the 5th annual Climate Workshop. ONE Future reported this week its 2021 methane intensity at 0.462%, beating its 1.0% goal by 54 %. Why is that a big deal? Because it shows our industry’s commitment to reducing emissions is on track.
  • We voluntarily track and report additional emissions sources beyond existing EPA requirements. With our pipeline infrastructure investments in place, Southern Company Gas’ system is now over 99.8% efficient, corresponding to a 0.195% methane emissions intensity rate for 2021 – well below ONE Future’s 2025 goal for local distribution companies of 0.44%.

Learn more about the ONE Future Coalition.