Our Business

Southern Company Gas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE:SO), America’s premier energy company. Southern Company Gas serves approximately 4.3 million natural gas utility customers through its regulated distribution companies in four states with approximately 666,000 retail customers through its companies that market natural gas.

Distribution Operations

Our four natural gas utilities that deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to approximately 4.2 million customers represent the largest component of our business.

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Marketing Services

Whether you are a residential, small/medium business, enterprise, large commercial and industrial (LCI), or CNG station developer or fleet customer, SouthStar offers competitively priced and reliable natural gas products and services to satisfy your needs. SouthStar utilizes industry knowledge, reliable systems and tenured staff to provide efficient value and dependable service for their customers.

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Pipeline Investments

Interstate pipeline projects that provide for future growth and supply in our service territories. We have large pipeline investments that are fully subscribed under long-term contracts with utilities, earning FERC-regulated returns. Our joint ventures include a 50% ownership of Southern Natural Gas or SONAT, which vastly expanded our miles of transmission pipeline when Southern Company completed that transaction in 2016.

Transportation Services

Southern Company Gas supports investing in related companies ranging from pipeline operators to salt cavern storage facilities and wholesale LNG operations to support its core business of delivering natural gas with efficiency.

Gas storage facilities play a vital role in ensuring a reliable supply. With proximity to both interstate and intrastate pipelines, natural gas storage facilities provide an efficient and dependable supply of natural gas to consumers, businesses and utilities. Stored gas is particularly valuable when production or delivery is compromised, such as in the aftermath of a hurricane. Additionally, building storage inventory levels in the low demand summer months ensures that sufficient supplies are available for the winter heating season.

Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC, (CVGS)

Central Valley Gas Storage is a market area natural gas storage facility in the Sacramento River valley of north-central California. Located in the town of Princeton, California, the facility interconnects with the natural gas transmission system of Pacific Gas and Electric. CVGS is a high deliverability depleted reservoir that provides multi-turn services tailored to customers' requirements.

Golden Triangle Storage (GTS)

Golden Triangle Storage is a natural gas storage facility in the Spindletop salt dome in Jefferson and Orange Counties in Texas. Golden Triangle is strategically located to handle balancing requirements to protect against natural gas supply interruptions, mitigate high natural gas prices and accommodate production and increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in the Gulf Coast in addition to being located in the pipeline corridor providing supply to growing Mexican Demand.