As a provider of clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas for more than 150 years, Southern Company Gas continues to build upon our reputation as a leader in the industry.

Distribution Operations
Our four natural gas utilities that safely deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to approximately 4.2 million customers represent the largest component of our business. These utilities construct, manage and maintain intrastate natural gas pipelines, distribution facilities and peaking and storage facilities. They also respond to and repair gas leaks and other requests for service, as well as have responsibility for meter readings. And while most of our customers buy their natural gas directly from the local utilities, some of our customers in Illinois and all of our customers in Georgia buy natural gas from their retail marketer of choice due to deregulation in these states.

Retail Operations
Combining the expertise of a national supplier with the local knowledge and understanding of a regional provider, the companies in this business segment market natural gas to customers in our utility footprint and beyond. Value-minded customers rely on retail operations for dependable, competitively priced natural gas and outstanding customer care.

Wholesale Services
Energy companies and wholesale customers – whether they are utility marketers, producers, gas-fired power generators, large commercial or industrial companies – need to take advantage of every competitive edge, including energy procurement and asset management. Southern Company Gas’ family of companies offers expertise and market knowledge to help wholesale clients manage their natural gas assets and requirements more effectively.

Midstream Operations
Gas storage facilities play a vital role in ensuring a reliable supply. With proximity to both interstate and intrastate pipelines, natural gas storage facilities provide an efficient and dependable supply of natural gas to consumers, businesses and utilities. Stored gas is particularly valuable when production or delivery is compromised, such as in the aftermath of a hurricane. Additionally, building storage inventory levels in the low demand summer months ensures that sufficient supplies are available for the winter heating season.

Liquefied Natural Gas and Propane
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and propane play important roles in Southern Company Gas’ strategy to serve customer demands. Southern Company Gas owns and operates five LNG peak-shaving facilities and three propane-air plants.