Transportation Services

Gas storage facilities play a vital role in ensuring a reliable supply. With proximity to both interstate and intrastate pipelines, natural gas storage facilities provide an efficient and dependable supply of natural gas to consumers, businesses and utilities. Stored gas is particularly valuable when production or delivery is compromised, such as in the aftermath of a hurricane. Additionally, building storage inventory levels in the low demand summer months ensures that sufficient supplies are available for the winter heating season.

Southern Company Gas supports investing in related companies ranging from pipeline operators to salt cavern storage facilities and wholesale LNG operations to support its core business of delivering natural gas with efficiency.

Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC, (CVGS) is a market area natural gas storage facility in the Sacramento River valley of north-central California. Located in the town of Princeton, California, the facility interconnects with the natural gas transmission system of Pacific Gas and Electric. CVGS is a high deliverability depleted reservoir that provides multi-turn services tailored to customers' requirements.

Golden Triangle Storage (GTS) is a natural gas storage facility in the Spindletop salt dome in Jefferson and Orange Counties in Texas. Golden Triangle is strategically located to handle balancing requirements to protect against natural gas supply interruptions, mitigate high natural gas prices and accommodate production and increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in the Gulf Coast in addition to being located in the pipeline corridor providing supply to growing Mexican Demand.

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub (JISH or Jefferson Island) owns and operates a salt dome natural gas storage and hub facility located in Erath, Louisiana. JISH can provide various services under intrastate and interstate jurisdictional operating statements on behalf of shippers. Depending on its customer requirements, JISH may also provide the following services:

  • Firm and iInterruptible storage services
  • Wheel customers’ gas along the JISH pipeline infrastructure
  • Provide injection, withdraw, park and loan, and dome swap services to our customers

Pivotal LNG is a trusted partner committed to expanding the availability of LNG as an alternative fuel for customers. As a segment of the non-utility business of Southern Company Gas, Pivotal LNG is backed by more than four decades of experience in LNG production, delivery and transportation. This extensive experience results in superior service and unparalleled reliability while delivering value to customers in the form of clean, low-cost LNG.

As an economic and environmentally friendly fueling alternative, natural gas is transforming the nation's energy landscape, and Pivotal LNG is leading the way by supplying liquefied natural gas to its customers. Pivotal LNG provides flexible, cost-effective LNG solutions, including firm and interruptible LNG supply, flexible contract structures and pricing alternatives. Pivotal LNG is committed to providing LNG 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a fleet of cryogenic tankers, they have the capability to deliver LNG directly to your specific fueling location.