Safe Digging Arcade

Complete all 8 activities below to become a safe digging champion!

Learn what’s underground!

Did you know that there are natural gas pipelines and other utility lines such as water, cable and electric running underground? Engineers build underground systems to deliver these services safely across the country to your home. Homes and businesses use natural gas for heating, cooking and powering their factories.

Welcome to the Safe Digging Arcade

Hey kids! Did you know that there are underground utilities buried in your yard? It’s time to dig into some fun games and learn how you and your family can stay safe when digging around your home. Complete all 8 activities below and become a Safe Digging champion!

You can dial 811 and utility companies will mark their underground services like gas, power, phone and cable lines with paint or flags for free, so you know where they are located and can dig safely. Cool, right?

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