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2022 Sustainability Executive Summary

This report shares our progress in 2022 and highlights key areas of interest to key stakeholders on topics related to environmental sustainability, our work to reduce operational emissions, our influence in the natural gas value chain and our commitment to customers in helping enable an economy-wide clean energy future.

2022 Sustainability Executive Summary (Interactive)

2022 Sustainability Executive Summary (Digital/Accessibility)

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Identifying pathways to Net Zero

A new landmark study analyzing Southern Company Gas reveals use of natural gas and the company's infrastructure are foundational to reaching a net-zero, clean energy future with greatest consumer affordability.

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Resources that follow the work we’re doing to build a cleaner, more sustainable future and corporate social responsibility reports.

Resources: Southern Company

Everyone deserves energy that is not only clean, but also safe, reliable and affordable. The best approach to achieving this is an “all of the above” energy strategy that capitalizes on the unique benefits gas, renewables, nuclear power and negative carbon initiatives each respectively provide and uses them at the appropriate time.

It's a mission we've already started. In the past two decades, we mitigated more than 3.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere. These reductions are the result of aggressive investment, like pipeline replacement, to improve the safety and performance of our natural gas system.

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Natural gas provides environmental benefits: increased use gas can help address several environmental concerns simultaneously, including smog, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean energy

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Safety is and always will be the number one priority for the natural gas industry. Any natural gas incident, no matter the size, is one incident too many.

Our commitment to safety

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Regardless of the weather, you can depend on your natural gas utility to bring you America's best energy value. The future supply of domestic natural gas continues to grow due to the emergence and advancement of key technologies that unlock gas production from reservoirs such as shale formations.

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For many, wages have stayed the same and the cost of living continues to rise. That's why we're proactively working to make energy as affordable as possible for our customers.